Welcome to Experience Plumbing !

Many of you here will have found us as first time visitors, others as previous friends. We certainly hope all of you stick around with us !

We have been very busy since our startup in january of this year. Building the bins, racks, and shelving that are required for inventory. Designing and building van shelving.

Getting the new office set up. Throw in having to work in the field, and office work evenings and weekends. I have been getting a bit of an attitude ( most will say i always have one ).

With the struggles we have encountered, we have been making a point to smile, to be happy, and always thank the Lord for what he has provided us. Without our trust in God i am sure i would have given up by now, with that trust, we will prevail, and always smile !

Hopefully time can be managed to provide future updates on our progress, most importantly of course is when is the new puppy going to come ! we will keep you posted, good day !